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You get what you pay for..............
Published on March 22, 2005 By Dynosoar In Blogging
Last time I looked at my credit card statement i saw no charges from JU or Stardock, I bet if you're reading this it didn't cost you anything for access ( beyond your ISP cost ) either.

I realize that this is FREE SPACE to blog on to my hearts content. I enjoy reading, commenting, and occassionally posting an article. BUT....
When free is implied you have to consider the providers intent;
Brad does have a company out there to promote, and I'm sure some advertising revenue occurs, but very little ( advertising or revenue) SO....
Why have I recently read how this site is "buggy', slow, and ( insert complaint here )?? If the nuances of free access are such a hassle go pay to play somewhere else........
Gesh, talk about lookin' a gift horse in the mouth....................

So it goes................ "

on Mar 22, 2005
Perhaps a double your money back guarantee ??
on Mar 22, 2005

I believe people should feel free to complain, even about something that is free. Just like other people are free to point out that you get what you pay for.

I too am very unhappy with the relatively slow performance of JU.  Now that the server migration is complete, hopefully we can do soemthing about that.

on Mar 22, 2005
***Dynosoar pays humble respect to the provider of his electronic soapbox***
on Mar 22, 2005
*sniff* i'm the one who complained about JU being buggy *teary voice* sowwy...

But yeh you're right we should be thankful this place is free